Richard X feat Javine – You Used To (single)

Produced by Richard X

“You Used To” by Richard X feat Javine was the 3rd single from Richard X’s “Richard X Presents His X Factor Volume One” album


Single Version/Radio Edit/”Extended Pleasures of (Javine)” Remix/ also “Into Yule” on promo

Original CD Liner Notes:

“Thoughts pre deadline ”
Thanks for buying this enhanced CD format. As I’m sure you are aware, there is an alternative, namely the cheaper compact disc containing two audio tracks only. This CD contains more Javine and less Jarvis, which hopefully is what you want. If you know what you want at any age you are indeed a lucky person. If you are the kind of person who likes to take a chance, why not buy the other CD, or even the vinyl single? If you’re still feeling reckless there is an recently released album entitled”Richard X presents his X factor volume one” which contains the original version of this track and lots more. If you like the idea of extended courtesy credits and the like, you’ll love the albums inner sleeve / booklet. In case you were wondering, the 2 track and extended format CD are a new initiative from EMI, to which I am signed to via the label Virgin Records, in order to revive more interest in the singles market. I hope you have been invigorated by this initiative.

A little background information.

This single features the vocals of Javine Hylton who has her own successful pop career.
The single features extensive use of the MPC60 mark II
This is part 3 of a 4 part adventure
The video is condensed onto this disc via various compression algorithms. It was shot in a sports centre in . . . . . . . the staff were very genial. My favourite sausage dog from the album cover, Violet, makes an appearance once again.

You’ll also find a track called The Great Soprendo on this disc. For those who regularly only watch The Box channel , the Great Soprendo was a former unsuccesful actor (by his own admission) turned magician called Geoffrey Durham. During the 1980’s he was a welcome guest on British television programmes. His act involved performing magic tricks dressed as a camp spaniard. As a youngster this was all i knew and all i needed to know. Later, I became aware of his marriage to Victoria Wood, a popular comdienne, and also that when he appeared on talk shows without his outfit he was just another normal man on the street. For some reason the image of Soprendo recast in my mind as an everyday human being took away something from his on screen allure. Other people had this with The Residents . Later still I discovered his marriage was in trouble and all of a sudden his real life seemed to overtake his on screen persona. The magic was lost. I vowed it wouldn’t happen to me. I only lost my cape. This has very little to do with track 3 however.

The need to fill every available space on records and sleeves has been documented by people long before me. When I was alerted to the fact I would have the inside of this booklet in which to do what I wanted (subject to the usual clearances) my mind raced. The possiblities seemed endless. I thought it would be quite nice to play around with the normal advertising that appears on CD’s ie a plug for the main album format that the single is taken from. Usually there will be a picture of the album sleeve (known as a “pack shot” )complete with a precis of any recent advertising copy. For example you may have seen a picture of the sleeve with the words “Featuring the Top Ten Hits Freak Like Me with the Sugababes, Being Nobody with liberty X and Finest Dreams with Kelis. Available in all good shops now!”. I laughed as i thought of an alternative photo showing the album thrown down a corridor, smashed into pieces or a shot of the CD placed next to some unsuitable household objects. Nick from the Designers Republic suggested going to a market and photographing it next to some of the CDR pirated albums they sell. It seemed a good idea. Unfortuanately I couldn’t get my digital camera to work. Something to do with not having installed the correct drivers.

This is how it all works. You don’t see the photos here because they never got taken. The idea remained left halfway between conception and realisation. Ask yourself if you think this inner sleeve is better as a result. Then , with that in mind, go and listen to my album again.
see you soon