Richard X – Presents His X Factor Volume One (Album)

Produced and Written by Richard X

Richard X’s debut album for Virgin “Richard X Presents His X Factor Volume One”

“Start” (Richard X)
“Being Nobody” (Richard X vs Liberty X)
“Rock Jacket” (Richard X)
“You Used To” (Richard X featuring Javine)
“Just Friends” (Richard X featuring Annie)
“IX” (Richard X)
“Lonely” (Richard X featuring Caron Wheeler)
“Walk on By” (Richard X featuring Deborah Evans-Strickland)
“Lemon/Lime” (Richard X featuring Deborah Evans-Strickland)
“Finest Dreams” (Richard X featuring Kelis)
“You (Better Let Me Love You X4) Tonight” (Richard X featuring Tiga)
“Mark One” (Richard X featuring Mark Goodier)
“Freak like Me (We Don’t Give a Damn Mix)” (Sugababes)
“Into U” (Richard X featuring Jarvis Cocker and Hope Sandoval)
“End” (Richard X)

Japanese/US Bonus tracks:

“Being Nobody” (Richard X Remix)
“Finest Dreams” (Part 2)

10 Years After – Idolator interview with Richard X